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School Safety And Community Relations - 1031 Words

Amanda Lane served as the high school and middle school principal for many years. This school year, CCS has hired one more principal, and Amanda decided to lead the middle school only. As the school grew rapidly in the last two years, the two main objectives Mrs. Lane would like to reevaluate this academic year are school safety and community relations. School Safety The developed guidelines and procedures for dealing with existing and potential incidents at CCS are defined in their Emergency Plan (EP). Mrs. Lane explained that the basic plans, as well as the functional and hazard-specific annexes outline an organized, systematic method to mitigate, prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from incidents. The principal regularly trains the staff members to assess the seriousness of incidents and respond according to these established procedures and guidelines. Mrs. Lane, with assistance from the school’s emergency group, is the one to review and update annually the information required by the EP. CCS is exposed to hazards just as any school is all of which have the potential for disrupting the school’s routine, causing damage to structures and casualties. The school’s high-priority hazards include severe storm, fire, hazardous materials, missing child, and intrusion. The principal strongly believes that preparedness is achieved and maintained through a continuous cycle of planning, organizing, training and exercising, evaluation and taking corrective actions.Show MoreRelatedHandling Earthquakes and Disasters631 Words   |  3 PagesIntroduction Presently, many schools have to deal with real barriers in relation to earthquake safety as well as emergency preparedness. There are strategies that are short term, and which helps in long-term strategies integrating preparedness education for both students, together with their families into existing present school activities. The crucial goals need to be increasing students and staff preparedness in cases of an earthquake. Handling Earthquakes Many schools that do not prepare for anRead MoreThe Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion 818 Words   |  3 Pagesdocument developed in 1986 by the W.H.O that aims at enabling, empowering and encouraging people to improve, and increase control over their own health. In relation to road safety, all five action areas are addressed through the introduction and availability of specific services to the public by all levels of government, NGO’s, the community and individuals. Developing Personal Skills Improving an individual’s knowledge and skills will result in them making more informed decisions concerning theirRead MoreCrisis Management Response Plan Essay1427 Words   |  6 Pagesprocedures for administrator, teachers, and students during evacuation emergencies. Administrators work with teachers, students, parents, law enforcement officers, business and community members, to develop an effective emergency and crises plan. The administrator provides leadership in developing and monitoring the school safety plan and also establishes procedures for emergency evacuation and crisis management at different stages of the plan. However, an effective leader develops a comprehensive preventionRead MoreNike Responses Corporate Social Responsibility Essay978 Words   |  4 Pagessocial (community), consumer, supply chain, and employee relation. ‘Corporate social responsibility is encompasses not only what company do with their profits but also how they make them. It goes be yond philanthropy and compliance and addresses how companies manage their economic, social, and environmental impacts, as well as their relationships in all key spheres of influence: the workplace, the marketplace, the supply chain, the community, and the public policy realm. ’(HARVARD Kennedy School, 2008) Read MoreLives Lived Good Essay811 Words   |  4 Pagesrespectively, gave a client presentation requesting ideas about a new public relations campaign. The new campaign was about how to target the Schoolies 2017 market. Lives Lived Well stated they wanted to create a campaign to change Schoolies’ behaviours and attitudes towards risk taking activities, such as drugs and excessive alcohol. Everything in this portfolio is responding to the brief from the client. The extra media relations and general tactics presented in this portfolio will contribute to theRead MoreValues, Ethics, And Sustainability1049 Words   |  5 PagesRunning Head: The Community and the Corporation The Community and the Corporation Michael Rosales William Paterson University Dr. Jet Mboga Values, Ethics, Sustainability (MGT-3550) September 30, 2015 Abstract: Community and Corporation are interdependent with each other because, without each other, they wouldn’t exist. This chapter analyzes why both businesses and communities need each other. Having to know about community relations manager, building strong relations with each otherRead MoreShould Safety Be A Priority Right Up There With Education?938 Words   |  4 Pagesliability issues, I learned that safety is not only an ongoing issue that should involve all employees, but it should be a priority right up there with education. As an administrator, it will be important to anticipate the school’s needs in order to provide the resources to meet those needs. Since a school, especially a rural school like mine, can be the largest presence in the community, there is a huge amount of exposure due to the role it plays in the community. My school hosts events, serves as theRead MorePersuasive Essay On Gun Control949 Words   |  4 Pages School should be a place of peace and opportunity, but gaps in the system of gun control threatens the safety of faculty and students. School shootings have killed a total of 297 lives, young and old (Slate Magazine). Gun control has been a continuous nationwide debate for many years. It seems that no one wants to take a stance against guns unless they are personally affected. In order to take control of the matter and prevent more incidents from continuing schools need to change. To achieve a safeRead MoreThe Issue Of Police Community Relations Essay837 Words   |  4 Pagesdepartment policy, is strictly prohibited.? ? II.Reason for the Policy? The need for a policy regarding police community relations is of great importance.How both entities interact either provide positive results in the realm of fighting crime and bringing offenders to justice, or negative results in the form of the eyes and ears in the community refusing to provide vital information because of fear and mistrust of Police.One example of this would be the shooting death of aRead MoreMy Vision For Leading A School1680 Words   |  7 Pagesstudent achievement in a school. Their successes and failures defines and evaluates the school and the administration. My vision for leading a school is predicated on promoting their successes and reducing their failures. Developing a school with a strong culture of achievement, instruction, and security for all stakeholders involved that helps build an environment where students can prosper in their education. These ideas and beliefs drive my choices and vision at the school, but also helps set the

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